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      Shenzhen three and wave of Electrical and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd

      400 0061 1152CN
      Company Culture
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      Enthusiastic and innovative employees are the wealth of the company, the company's principle is to provide the best staff for the work and living environment, to win the trust of employees, and promote the pride of employees, in order to promote the improvement of staff skills and professional know how. In the past few years of development, "sincere, friendly, hardworking, proactive" team spirit has been deeply rooted, from the upper leadership to front-line staff, benefit from everyone, and thus developed into a close cooperation with innovative groups. Our philosophy is "respect", "communication" and "improvement", by the "love my company, love me work" "work together, close cooperation" direction of the direction of each employee for the greater development of enterprises to play their own Ability to win a greater competitiveness for the enterprise.

      Young and energetic salespeople are intangible assets of the company's reform and innovation, keen business minds, marketing and sales strategies. They provide customers with up-to-date market information and business information, and we not only provide customer satisfaction, but more importantly, we have a Calm thoughts.

      We have been committed to product research, never give up on new issues to explore and break through, peer-leading technology to increase the competitiveness of the market; we strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system, excellent technology and high-quality products so that we Won the trust of more customers.