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      Atmospheric Pressure
      • PL-BM6 small nozzle direct injection type atmospheric pressure plasma surface tr

      PL-BM6 small nozzle direct injection type atmospheric pressure plasma surface tr

      Category:Atmospheric Pressure

      Introduction: PL-BM6 small nozzle direct injection type atmospheric pressure plasma surface treatment machine

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      Manufacturer: Sanwa Poda

      Model: PL-BM6

      Power supply voltage: 220 ( ± 10% ) VAC, 50 / 60Hz

      Power input fuse: 10A/250V

      Treatment area: 3-6mm

      Operating frequency: 18KHz ~ 60KHz

      Working high pressure: 2KV ~ 7KV

      Maximum practical output power: 0-1000W (continuously adjustable) test field is more extensive

      Maximum power consumption: ≤1100W

      Working pressure range: 0.05MPa0.4MPa (0.5Kg4Kg)

      Gas source requirements: 0.1MPa1.0Mpa (3Kg10Kg), no oil and no water

      Host volume: length, width and height 437*140*350mm

      Output cable length: Net length ≥ 3000mm, can be customized

      Nozzle volume: MAX 236 × 45 × 45mm

      Application field


      The plasma plasma cleaner system consists of three main components:


      1. Host connection power connection cooling processing gas high RF voltage plasma source control module gas control module front panel operation control system

      2. Flexible conduit for transporting gases and energy

      3. Plasma nozzle: consists of an intermediate electrode, an external electrode and an insulating region.

      The high voltage RF generator converts the constant voltage to a high voltage (over 10KV), which is necessary to form a high voltage discharge.

      The high voltage and cooled process gas is delivered to the discharge area through a flexible conduit.

      The active elements (i+, e-, r*) in the gas stream create an arc in the discharge zone.

      The active gas stream is focused on the surface of the sample as it passes through a special nozzle opening for processing.

      Plasma plasma cleaner application areas:

      Metal---Removal of grease and oil on metal surfaces, oil and other organic matter and oxide layer

      Automotive manufacturing - used in plastics and pre-painting processes in automotive manufacturing

      Textile production - for the hydrophilicity, hydrophobicity and surface modification of textiles, screens and films

      Biomedical--- Petri dishes enhance activity, vascular stents, syringes, catheters and pro-wetting of various materials, and cross-coating pre-treatment.

      Aerospace---Insulation materials, electronic components, etc.

      Electronics - cleaning and etching of circuit boards. Non-oxidation and activation treatment of film, PP and other materials to improve solderability

      Semiconductor industry---wafer processing and processing to remove photoresist, pre-package pretreatment

      LED---bracket cleaning pre-package pre-treatment

      Plastic rubber - - Improve the surface activity of PS, PE, PTFE, TPE, POM, AS and PP materials, making it easy to bond and print



      PL-BM6 atmospheric plasma cleaning machine


      380 (W) × 550 (D) × 220 (H) mm

      Plasma spray gun

      (dynamic rotary type)

      Diameter: 6mm; Maximum speed: 3000 rev / min; Treatment width: 6mm Imported special ceramic insulation, permanent breakdown; Plasma nozzle and discharge electrode are made of imported alloy material, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and long life.

      Generator Power Control System Atmospheric Plasma Cleaner >> Brake Pad Air Plasma Cleaner



      Plasma plasma cleaning machine frequency 16-20KHZ double pulse secondary inverter, power 0.6-1KW separately adjusted, full circuit protection, 180-250V wide range voltage regulation, output power can be continuously adjusted and preset. LCD voltage and current display, with working status panel indication function.

      Plasma plasma cleaner application:

      1. Surface activation/cleaning; 2. Bonding after plasma treatment; 3. Plasma etching/activation; 4. Plasma degumming; 5. Plasma coating (hydrophilic, hydrophobic); 6. Enhanced bonding.





      Surface cleaning, treatment and activation are actually achieved by active reactive particles in the gas stream. In addition to this, loose harmful particles on the treated surface will be removed by the reactive gas ions in the compressed air.

      Suitable for processing the following materials: plastic, rubber, metal, glass, ceramic and hybrid materials.



      The active gas stream exiting the plasma showerhead always maintains the release of HV energy. Equipment is commonly used in a variety of processes in the electronics industry, such as:

      Remove harmful binders before bonding.

      Clean the LCD touch screen and activate it before heat sealing.

      The electronic device is activated before printing.



      Surface treatment with a plasma cleaner is a continuous process. The speed of the treatment (V) and the distance between the surface to be treated and the plasma nozzle (D) are two important factors that affect the surface treatment effect. Changing these two parameters will directly change the final processing result.


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