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      Atmospheric Pressure
      • PL-DW150 Large Vacuum Plasma Cleaner 150L

      PL-DW150 Large Vacuum Plasma Cleaner 150L

      Category:Atmospheric Pressure

      Introduction: PL-DW150 Large Vacuum Plasma Cleaner 150L

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      Cavity material: stainless steel surface treatment

      Power supply: AC380V

      Working current: The working current of the whole machine is not more than 3A (excluding vacuum pump)

      RF power supply: 0-1000W adjustable

      RF frequency: 40KHZ (offset less than 0.2KHz) / 13.56MHz

      Frequency offset: less than 0.2KHz

      Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms, automatic matching

      Vacuum degree: 1pa-30Pa

      Number of gas paths: two-way gas input

      Gas flow rate: 10-300ml/min (adjustable)

      Process control: PLC man-machine interface automatic and manual mode

      Cleaning time: 1-99999 seconds adjustable

      Power size 10%-100% adjustable

      Inner cavity size 500 × 550 × 550mm 150L

      Dimensions: 1200 × 800 × 1700mm

      Vacuum pump: BSV90 (pumping speed 30L/S)

      Vacuum chamber temperature: less than 30 ° C

      Cooling method: forced air cooling

      Application field

      Depending on the application, plasma cleaning equipment of various configurations can be selected, and the basic structure of the adjusting device can be roughly the same by selecting an unused type of gas. The general device can be vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, high frequency power supply, click, gas introduction. The system, work transfer system and control system are composed of parts. The commonly used vacuum pump is a rotary oil pump. The high frequency power supply usually uses 13.56 MHz radio waves. The operation of the equipment is as follows:

      (1) The workpiece to be cleaned is sent to the vacuum chamber and fixed, the running device is started, and the exhaust is started, so that the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber reaches a standard vacuum of about 10 Pa. The general exhaust time takes approximately 2 minutes.

      (2) Introduce a gas for plasma cleaning into the vacuum chamber and keep the pressure within 10 Pa. Depending on the cleaning material, oxygen, hydrogen, or nitrogen may be used.

      (3) A high-frequency voltage is applied between the electrode in the vacuum chamber and the grounding device to cause the gas to be broken down, and ionization and plasma generation occur by glow discharge. The plasma generated in the vacuum chamber is completely covered in the workpiece to be processed, and the cleaning operation is started. The general cleaning process lasts for tens of seconds to a few minutes.

      (4) After the cleaning is completed, the high-frequency voltage is cut off, and the gas and the vaporized dirt are discharged, and the gas is blown into the vacuum chamber, and the air pressure is raised to an atmospheric pressure.


      The mobile phone industry is now one of the most widely used plasma cleaning applications.

      For example, the color of the mobile phone case is bright and the logo is eye-catching, but anyone who uses the mobile phone knows that after using the mobile phone for a period of time, the outer casing is easy to fall off, and even the logo becomes blurred, which seriously affects the appearance of the mobile phone. In order to find a solution to these problems, well-known mobile phone brand manufacturers have used chemical agents to treat the plastic case of mobile phones, and the effect of printing and bonding has been improved, but this is to reduce the hardness of the phone case, in order to seek a better solution. The solution, plasma technology stands out. Plasma surface treatment technology not only can clean the oil left by the outer casing during injection molding, but also can activate the surface of the plastic outer casing to the greatest extent, enhance the bonding effect of printing and coating, and make the coating on the outer casing and the substrate very firmly connected. The coating effect is very uniform, the appearance is more beautiful, and the abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced, and the lacquering phenomenon does not occur for a long time.

      The earphone in the earphone, the coil in the earphone drives the diaphragm to vibrate under the driving of the signal current, and the bonding effect between the coil and the diaphragm and the diaphragm and the earphone housing directly affects the sound effect and service life of the earphone, if When they fall off, they will break the sound, which will seriously affect the sound and life of the headphones. The thickness of the diaphragm is very thin. To improve the bonding effect, chemical treatment is used to directly affect the material of the diaphragm, thus affecting the sound effect. Many manufacturers are preparing to use the new technology to process the diaphragm. Plasma treatment is one of them. This technology can effectively improve the bonding effect and meet the demand without changing the material of the diaphragm. After the experiment, the earphones produced by the plasma cleaning machine are processed, and the bonding effect between the parts is obviously improved. Under the long-term high-pitched test, there is no phenomenon such as breakage and the service life is greatly improved.

      In addition to: 1. Cleaning of the optical lens before and after the mobile phone

                       2. Binding pretreatment of flexible circuit board and glass

                       3. Spraying pretreatment of body ink, etc.

                       4. The binding of the mobile phone motherboard is improved.

                       5. Pretreatment of metal plating of mobile phone plastic case

                       6. Plasma pretreatment, cleaning of residual oxide oxide, etc., also apply plasma cleaning technology.

      In the next few years, in order to pursue quality, enterprises will make the application of plasma cleaning technology more and more extensive. This is a revolution in plasma cleaning technology. I believe that more companies that need plasma cleaning technology will also be more and more



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