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      Atmospheric Pressure
      • PT-2S standard stainless steel cavity vacuum plasma cleaning machine 2L

      PT-2S standard stainless steel cavity vacuum plasma cleaning machine 2L

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      Introduction: PT-2S standard stainless steel cavity vacuum plasma cleaning machine 2L

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      Plasma cleaner model

      ? PT-2S is a dual gas input, stainless steel compartment: Φ100mm × 270mm

      ? Capacity: 2 liters

      *Power supply: AC220V

      *Working current: The working current of the whole machine is not more than 1.2A (excluding vacuum pump)

      *RF power supply: 0-150W/0-300W (select a section before leaving the factory)

      *RF frequency: 40KHz or 13.56MHz optional (offset less than 0.2KHz)

      * Frequency offset: less than 0.2KHz

      * Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms, automatic matching

      * Vacuum degree: 10Pa-1000Pa

      *Gas flow: 60-600ml/min (adjustable)

      * Process control: MCU automatic and manual mode

      Cleaning time: 1-100 minutes adjustable

      Power size 10%-100% adjustable

        *Dimensions: PT-2S type _400x450x250

      *Weight: 36.5Kg

      * Vacuum pump: 2XZ-4

         * Vacuum chamber temperature: less than 65 ° C

      *Cooling method: Forced air cooling

      Application field

      PT-2S vacuum plasma cleaning machine uses energy conversion technology to convert gas into highly active gas plasma with electric energy under a certain vacuum negative pressure. Gas plasma can gently wash the surface of solid sample and cause molecular structure. The change is to achieve ultra-cleaning of organic pollutants on the surface of the sample. In a very short time, the organic pollutants are completely removed by the external vacuum pump, and the cleaning ability can reach the molecular level. Under certain conditions, the surface characteristics of the sample can also be changed. Since the gas is used as the medium for the cleaning treatment, the re-contamination of the sample can be effectively avoided. Plasma cleaners enhance sample adhesion, compatibility and wetting, as well as disinfect and sterilize samples. Plasma cleaning machines are now widely used in the fields of optics, optoelectronics, electronics, materials science, polymers, biomedicine, microfluidics, etc.

          The domestic plasma cleaning machine is based on the disadvantages of expensive plasma cleaning machines in foreign countries and is difficult to promote. It absorbs the advantages of the existing domestic and foreign plasma cleaning machines, and combines the needs of domestic users to develop a new series of plasmas using advanced technology. washing machine. In addition to the advantages of other plasma cleaners, this product has the advantages of stable performance, high cost performance, high cleaning efficiency, easy operation, low cost of use and easy maintenance. The product can adapt to the special requirements of different users. The cleaning chamber is available in heat-resistant glass and stainless steel, and the stainless steel cleaning compartment is available in round and square sizes. .


      Ultra-cleaning of organic contaminants (such as paraffin, oil, release agents, proteins, etc.) on metals, glass, silicon wafers, ceramics, plastics, and polymer surfaces.

      Change the performance of certain material surfaces.

      The surface of materials such as glass, plastics, ceramics, etc. are activated to enhance the adhesion, compatibility and wettability of these materials.

      Remove the oxide layer on the surface of the metal material.

      Disinfect and sterilize the object to be cleaned.


      It has the characteristics of stable performance, high cost performance, easy operation, low cost of use and easy maintenance.

      Ultra-cleaning and modification of surfaces of metals, ceramics, glass, silicon wafers, plastics, etc. with various geometric shapes and surface roughness.

      Thoroughly remove organic contaminants from the sample surface.

      Timed processing, fast processing, and high cleaning efficiency.

      It is environmentally friendly, does not use chemical solvents, and has no secondary pollution to samples and the environment.

      Ultra-cleaning is carried out under normal temperature conditions, and the sample is non-destructively treated.

      Application field

      Ultra-cleaning of optical components, electronic components, semiconductor components, laser devices, coated substrates, terminal mounting, and the like.

      Cleaning a variety of lenses and slides such as optical lenses and electron microscopes.

      The photoresist material on the surface of the optical element, the semiconductor element, or the like is removed to remove the oxide on the surface of the metal material.

      Cleaning semiconductor components, printed wiring boards, ATR components, intraocular lenses, natural crystals and gemstones.

      The substrate of the biochip, the microfluidic chip, and the deposited gel is cleaned.

      Modification of the surface of polymer materials.

      Cleaning and modification in the packaging field enhances adhesion and is suitable for direct packaging and bonding.

      Improve the adhesion of glue used in bonding optical components, optical fibers, biomedical materials, aerospace materials, etc.

      In the field of coating and coating, the surface of glass, plastic, ceramic, high polymer and other materials are modified to activate, enhance surface adhesion, wettability and compatibility, and significantly improve coating coating quality.

      Pretreatment of titanium dental implants and silicone compression molding materials in the dental field enhances their wettability and compatibility.

      Pretreatment of the graft and biomaterial surfaces in the medical field enhances its wettability, adhesion and compatibility. Disinfection and sterilization of medical devices


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