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      Atmospheric Pressure
      • PT-10S square cavity vacuum plasma cleaner 10L

      PT-10S square cavity vacuum plasma cleaner 10L

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      Introduction: PT-10S square cavity vacuum plasma cleaner 10L

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      Cavity material: stainless steel surface treatment
      Power supply: AC220V
      Working current: The working current of the whole machine is not more than 1.2A (excluding vacuum pump)
      RF power supply: 0-500W adjustable
      RF frequency: 40KHZ (offset less than 0.2KHz) / 13.56MHz
      Frequency offset: less than 0.2KHz
      Characteristic impedance: 50 ohms, automatic matching
      Vacuum degree: 1pa-30Pa
      Number of gas paths: two-way gas input
      Gas flow rate: 10-300ml/min (adjustable)
      Process control: PLC man-machine interface automatic and manual mode
      Cleaning time: 1-99999 seconds adjustable
      Power size 10%-100% adjustable
      Inner cavity size 220 × 280 × 180mm 10L
      Dimensions: 650 × 550 × 440mm
      Vacuum pump: 2XZ-4 (pumping speed 4L/S)
      Vacuum chamber temperature: less than 30 ° C
      Cooling method: forced air cooling

      Application field

      Depending on the application, plasma cleaning equipment of various configurations can be selected, and the basic structure of the adjusting device can be roughly the same by selecting an unused type of gas. The general device can be vacuum chamber, vacuum pump, high frequency power supply, click, gas introduction. The system, work transfer system and control system are composed of parts. The commonly used vacuum pump is a rotary oil pump. The high frequency power supply usually uses 13.56 MHz radio waves. The operation of the equipment is as follows:

      (1) The workpiece to be cleaned is sent to the vacuum chamber and fixed, the running device is started, and the exhaust is started, so that the vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber reaches a standard vacuum of about 10 Pa. The general exhaust time takes approximately 2 minutes.

      (2) Introduce a gas for plasma cleaning into the vacuum chamber and keep the pressure within 10 Pa. Depending on the cleaning material, oxygen, hydrogen, or nitrogen may be used.

      (3) A high-frequency voltage is applied between the electrode in the vacuum chamber and the grounding device to cause the gas to be broken down, and ionization and plasma generation occur by glow discharge. The plasma generated in the vacuum chamber is completely covered in the workpiece to be processed, and the cleaning operation is started. The general cleaning process lasts for tens of seconds to a few minutes.

      (4) After the cleaning is completed, the high-frequency voltage is cut off, and the gas and vaporized dirt are discharged, and the gas is blown into the vacuum chamber, and the gas pressure is raised to an atmospheric pressure.


      Today, plasma cleaning technology has become a viable solution to the challenges facing many industries such as microelectronics, LED, mobile, automotive, and medical. Of course, this is inseparable from the advantages of plasma cleaning technology itself.

      (1) The whole process of plasma cleaning is environmentally-friendly dry cleaning, and the cleaning medium is gas; the cleaning object is dried after plasma cleaning, and can be sent to the next process without drying. Greatly improve the processing efficiency of the entire process line. (2) Avoid the use of harmful solvents and expensive cleaning agents, so that no harmful pollutants will be produced after cleaning. Therefore, this cleaning method is an environmentally friendly green cleaning method. This is becoming more and more important when the world is highly concerned about environmental protection. (3) The directionality of the plasma is not strong, which allows it to go deep into the micro-holes and recesses of the object to complete the cleaning task, so that the shape of the object to be cleaned does not need to be considered too much. Moreover, the cleaning effect on these difficult-to-clean parts is similar to or better than that of Freon cleaning. (4) While the cleaning and decontamination is completed, the surface properties of the material itself can be improved. Such as improving the wetting properties of the surface, improving the adhesion of the film, etc., is very important in many applications.

      Shenzhen Sanhe Boda Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. can provide customers with different specifications and models of plasma cleaning machines to meet the needs of our customers. Our plasma cleaning machine is not only safe and safe, but also has obvious effects and durability. The price in the industry is relatively low. Currently working with a number of companies and universities. Hope that all customers who need equipment call to discuss business and seek common development.

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